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About New Mexico Flameproofing

New Mexico Flameproofing hasAbout New Mexico Flameproofing been in the Fire Prevention business since 1968. We are family-owned and operated. Flameproofing is our one and only business. New Mexico Flameproofing has a Certificate of Fitness from the NFPA to apply flame retardant and to issue flameproofing affidavits. We are committed to meeting our customer's needs by providing professional service, fair prices, uniformed staff and a timely response. We are a fully insured company.

Our specialty is clearing up flameproofing violations by applying a fire retardant (flame retardant) to a variety of materials. In addition, we assist businesses in obtaining Certificate of Occupancy status by meeting Fire Department, Building Department and Health Department Code.

As a member of the Fire Safety Director's Association, we have access to a wealth of knowledge regarding Flameproofing Certification and Fire Retardant application.

Call New Mexico Flameproofing today at 800-590-5530 for a free estimate of flameproofing services for your establishment.

Flame Proofing Certification for Flameproof Materials